Big things are happening with the Matt Garcia Foundation.

We are very excited to have our Podcast room finished! This would not have been possible without the kind folks who stepped forward with generous donations of time and supplies. A huge shout out, and sincere thanks, to Fairfield Floors To Go for donating the carpet, Monte Hoover of Gillespie’s Abbey Carpet & Floor for donating the carpet padding, and Tung Chau for voluntarily installing the carpet and padding. Mike Garcia for painting the podcast room. Raymond Courtemanche for painting and installing soundproofing in the podcast room.

Stay tuned folks, our first official podcast event is coming soon!!

Gillespie’s Abbey Carpet

Raymond,Tung,Teresa and Vincent

Raymond, Teresa and Mike

The Matt Garcia Foundation will be hosting a Gun Buyback event that will be held on July 9th at the Mt. Calvary Baptist Church, located at 1735 Enterprise Dr., Bldg. 3 in Fairfield.

We have to STAND and make a difference together. We pray for all those that have lost their loved ones to senseless gun violence. We trust and believe that OUR collective efforts WILL help save lives that could have been lost to more senseless gun violence.

Please consider making a donation to Help this initiative. The intended use of the funds is to purchase gift cards to issue to participants who surrender unwanted firearms. We will be accepting various styles of guns and firearms. Weapons will be turned in anonymously, no questions asked.

Thank you for taking a STAND to “Keep the Dream Alive” with this year's Gun Buyback initiative to help get unwanted guns properly disposed of and prevent them from getting into the hands of criminals.

The horrible truth is that my son, the late Fairfield City Councilman Matt Garcia, was murdered on September 1st, 2008 at the young age of twenty-two, at the hands of a criminal that had illegally purchased a gun at a garage sale.

Additional collaborative partners in this year's initiative are as follows: the City of Fairfield, the Fairfield Police Department and Faith Partners and Community.

With our combined efforts in “Supporting our Youth” and “Helping to Stop Crime,” we have a greater opportunity to “Strengthen our Communities” for generations to come.

Teresa Courtemanche
Matts Mom

Matt’s vision has guided us, but we need continued support from all of you to make his dream a reality.
A commitment to changing a culture of violence and crime in Solano County.
Together we can continue Matt’s efforts and make his dream our reality.
The Matt Garcia Foundation “Dream Team" pledges to live Matt’s legacy.