"I wanted to show that young people do care about their communities and that we can make a difference." - Matt Garcia, 2008 Fairfield City Councilman

Ninth Annual Golf Tournament – October 15, 2018

The Matt Garcia Foundation on is pleased to announce one of our most exciting events of the year. Our 8th Annual Golf Tournament is an opportunity to ensure that the impactful youth and community programs that we support throughout the year will continue. Our late city councilman, Matt Garcia, was a young man with a vision. With the help of generous individuals and companies such as yours, our foundation on has been able to raise the essential funds needed in “Keeping the Dream Alive.”

Step up to Support the DREAM, Sponsorship Available.

For Additional Support – Email Volunteer Board Members:
Susie Young – Susie@ffinest.org
Vince – Vince@ffinest.org


The Matt Garcia Foundation

Life & Legacy of Matt Garcia

Ten Years ago, September 1, 2008, tragedy struck Fairfield, Solano County, and abroad… Fairfield City Councilman Matt Garcia was struck by a single bullet in the back of his head that took his life. At 21 years of age, Matt Garcia was the youngest elected City official in Northern CA. Elected on the premise –

Support Youth, Help Stop Crime, Strengthen our Communities.


Matt was an organ donor… Look for us at the Donate CA booth during the
September 1st Premier.

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