Solano County Earth Day Celebration!

April 19-24, 2021

Each year, the Solano Resource Conservation District coordinates with Solano County’s Earth Day Cleanup Event. This year they decided to feature the Matt Garcia Foundation during their campaign. They recognize the work the Foundation has put in to keep Solano County clean and green.

They are doing a virtual event that will take place from April 19th till April 24th. During this event, the Solano County Earth Day Celebration, they encourage us to clean up trash, locally.

The Matt Garcia Foundation will continue to serve our community by keeping Solano clean and green. We hope you choose to do so as well. #KeepSolanoClean&Green

Along with that, if you visit their social media @cleanupsolano you will find tips and solutions that you can incorporate into your life for sustainability that will not only make a difference during Earth week but your everyday life.

The Matt Garcia Foundation is looking forward to connecting with you again on April 24th, which will be when we do neighborhood clean-ups. Stay tuned with the Foundation to learn more.

Water Awareness Video Contest

Solano County high school and middle school students and their teachers can win up to $1,500 in cash in Solano County Water Agency’s 11th annual video contest.

The 2021 Water Awareness Video Contest is challenging students to make a step-by-step tutorial that teaches viewers #HowTo Save Water. The topic is purposely broad so as to provide students with maximum flexibility to demonstrate water-saving tips with what they have on hand given challenges posed by the coronavirus emergency.

Judging will be based on entertainment value and originality, videography, style and organization, audio/sound, and movie content and accuracy, including whether the video incorporates the 2021 theme.

Your 60 second public service announcement video must focus on the selected 2021 theme #How To Save Water

The deadline to enter is Wednesday, April 14, 2021.

Get all the rules and entry details at

Matt’s vision has guided us, but we need continued support from all of you to make his dream a reality.
A commitment to changing a culture of violence and crime in Solano County.
Together we can continue Matt’s efforts and make his dream our reality.
The Matt Garcia Foundation “Dream Team" pledges to live Matt’s legacy.