Help stop Youth Homelessness and the 800,000 Youth that annually go missing in the U.S. to the Sex Trafficking Trade.

Please join these efforts in your City, and/or make a donation to The Matt Garcia Foundation, a completely volunteer 501C community non-profit with no paid staff. Donations are tax deductible.

  • Consider Pledging $1-$100 per mile…Optimally we have a 100 mile sponsored in each City
  • Be your City Run Sponsor $1310.00 (*representing the 1/2 marathon in dollars)
  • Any one-time year-end dollar amount is Greatly appreciated.

Our overall $$$ financial goal is to have enough resources to provide 1 Year '2021' of person-centered mentorship to get youth off our streets that encompasses compassionate coordinated care.

The plan is to start in each city at either your police station or the city's social service location.

Watch for your city's details on our Facebook event.

Assist-A-Grad Scholarship

The Assist-A-Grad Scholarship Foundation aims to support graduating high school seniors from the Fairfield-Suisun-Travis communities by connecting them with scholarship donors. The Matt Garcia Foundation offers the Keep the Dream Alive Scholarship through this organization each year.

This year, we awarded the following 2022 high school seniors with scholarships:

  • Oswaldo Acevedo of Armijo High School
  • Mark Ganitano of Rodriguez High School
  • Rachel Lee of Vanden High School
  • Cynthia Mojica of Armijo High School
  • Mahida Naveed of Fairfield High School
  • Erin Park of Rodriguez High School
  • Tyvin Tandy of Rodriguez High School

We were glad to learn the lives, passions, and goals of these students. The students awarded have positively contributed to their schools and communities in their own ways. Their contributions and desires for our community left us feeling inspired and hopeful for the future of our community. We congratulate them and wish them the best in their future endeavors. Congratulations to the Class of 2022!

The time to apply is in the early spring. For further information, please visit your school's college and career center
or the Assist-A-Grad Scholarship Foundation Website. 

In the News

Parents of homicide victims share experiences at Matt Garcia monument ceremony

Students at the Matt Garcia Career and College Academy on Tuesday heard personal and sometimes graphic accounts of brutal killing in the community from the loved ones of those killed. The stories were shared during an event on the school’s front lawn during the first of two ceremonies in Solano County to mark National Crime Victims’ Rights Week.

“Today more than ever we need to stand up for the victims of crime,” District Attorney Krishna Abrams said in opening the event. “Beginning at the District Attorney’s Office, we need to hold offenders accountable for their crimes, we need to ensure victims’ rights are honored, that they are kept informed, and that their voices are heard. We need to be the voice when they can’t speak.”

“As we stand together today, let’s take a moment to recognize the strength and courage of each and every one of you who have unfortunately been part of this journey in having your life turned upside down by crime,” she said. “We honor your bravery in turning tragedy into empowerment, strength and hope.”

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Raymond Courtemanche, of the Matt Garcia Foundation, speaks at a National Crime Victims’ Rights Week event at the Matt Garcia Career and College Academy, Tuesday, April 9, 2019.
(Robinson Kuntz/Daily Republic)

Matt Garcia Legacy


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Life & Legacy of Matt Garcia

Ten Years ago, September 1, 2008, tragedy struck Fairfield, Solano County, and abroad… Fairfield City Councilman Matt Garcia was struck by a single bullet in the back of his head that took his life. At 21 years of age, Matt Garcia was the youngest elected City official in Northern CA.

Support Youth, Help Stop Crime, Strengthen our Communites.

Gun Buyback

On September 2, 2008 Matt was shot and killed by an assailant who purchased his gun at a garage sale.

Enter… The Matt Garcia Foundation who is a part sponsor for the Solano County Gun Buyback program.

We are a community working together…


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“Thank You to Kaiser Permanente and Valero Texas Open for Continued Support of The Matt Garcia Foundation."